22nd Goodbye



Yardley goodbye

It’s that time again. Another puppy, #22, is ready to return to The Seeing Eye, Inc., for his formal training. The next leg of his journey begins tomorrow when he leaves our home and arrives on the campus of the best guide dog school in the world. Will he have what it takes to be a Seeing Eye dog? I think so, but we’ll see. Sometimes things come up in training that we didn’t see in puppyhood. The stress of working is not for every dog, but I think #22 is up to the task.

He made his farewell tour today, visiting some of his favorite people at the chiropractor’s office and Physical Therapy. Should he fail, there is a long line of people who want him. I suspect he would never make it off the Morristown campus of The Seeing Eye, Inc. An employee would probably snatch him up before he officially gets to the Adoption Department. He’s too cute and too nice a dog to be passed up. Of course, that is only if we don’t take him back. And, of course, all of this speculation is only if he doesn’t go out as a guide. I will be surprised if he doesn’t make it.

Yardley & Jinx#22’s leaving will have the biggest impact on #23. He doesn’t understand that his world is about to change dramatically. Tomorrow he will be alone. His best friend will no longer be here to play with, chew on, wrestle with, and come up with schemes to drive me crazy. Although, I have confidence that #23 can hold his own in the “driving me crazy” realm.


My wish for #22 is that he fulfill his destiny to become the eyes for a blind person. I’m sure he will love working and making new friends everywhere he goes. We’ve done all we can to prepare him, now it’s time for specialized training, and then finding just the right match for him. It will need to be someone with a sense of humor. Goodbye, Goofball.