What a week! In just one week, we doubled our grandchildren. Last week we had two granddaughters. This week we have three granddaughters and a grandson. And we felt no pain at all. They are both precious and perfect and turned their families of three into families of four. The two big sisters are taking their roles very seriously and doing a great job! And the changes didn’t stop there. (Photo credit for girls in pink: Bella Baby)

We bought a new car. Not a new, new car. A three-year-old, new car, which is the newest car we’ve owned since 1985. Do you remember the 80’s, when interest rates were high on both loans and bank accounts? That was the year we bought our only brand, new car. We had the cash to pay for it, but the interest rate on a new-car loan was 6%, and the interest rate on a 2-year CD at our bank was 9%. So, we took the loan and put the cash in the bank, making a profit of 3% over the two years. Those were the days.

We also had a dog swap this week. Our 11-year-old, easy-going boy, Akers, went on vacation with our son and his wife, and we got their 9-month-old ball of energy. Sensing who got the better end of that deal, Akers went all puppy on them and devoured two sticks of butter, two bags of donuts, and a box of instant mashed potatoes. He’s good, but food left unattended is fair game. It also made a repeat appearance during the night. A dog vomiting is the most effective alarm clock ever! You are up, out of bed, and wide awake in milliseconds.


The seasons changed this week, too, although it doesn’t feel like it with Autumn starting with temps in the 80’s and 90’s! But I see trees turning yellow, orange, and red, mums blooming, and leaves crunching under my feet. Summer went by in a flash, and I fear Autumn will be gone before I even get to break out my favorite jeans and sweatshirts. My favorite season of all is off to a great start – football season! Penn State is 4-0 and the Philadelphia Eagles are 2-1. Both of them made this week’s wins a little too exciting for a grandmother of four. My heart can’t take it.

So, where did I see God this week? All over the place! Obviously, the birth of babies has God written all over it. New life, gifts from God, the design of a woman’s body to carry, deliver, and nurture a newborn is truly awesome. The instant love that exists between a parent (or grandparent) and a newborn has to be from God. Humans are much too selfish to love like that on their own.

I’m not sure that God is all that interested in the car we bought, although the deal that we got and the timing and having the money to pay for it all seem to have God’s fingerprints. I’m sure he doesn’t care about my football teams (as individuals, yes, but who wins and who loses, I don’t think so), but I’m happy they won.

Believe it or not, what struck me the most this week was the time I spent with Yui, my son’s dog. She’s a rescue. Her background and breeding are unknown. One ear goes up and the other down. Her right lip gets stuck on her bottom teeth, giving her a crooked smile. The long bone of her front legs is too long. She’s sweet but a rather dim bulb, and she never comes when called. She reminds me a lot of me, at least the me before God rescued me and gave me new life. I didn’t have anything to offer him, but he loved me anyway. “But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8 ESV)

Two new grandkids to love, new stuff to care for, a new season to enjoy, and a goofy rescue puppy reminded me once again of the love of God. Yes, it’s been quite a week!

Author: Lisa J Radcliff

"Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together." ~ Psalm 34:3 This has been the theme verse for my life since I married Doug in 1985. I hope to write thoughts and stories that will magnify the Lord and cause others to praise him with me. As a survivor of child sexual abuse and other experiences that left me fearful and hopeless, I am so thankful that God has turned my life around. Having found freedom from my past, I have been blessed with a full, joy-filled life. I am passionate about sharing my story with others to bring them hope. My book, Hidden with Christ: Breaking Free from the Grip of Your Past, is my story of overcoming CSA. It is written differently than most books on abuse, highlighting the "heroes" God put in my life who kept me from be swallowed up by the darkness of abuse. God has used the book to help others find freedom which gives me great joy. The biggest joys of my life are being married to my husband, Doug, raising our three boys, welcoming our three daughters-in-law into the family, and being Mom-mom to our eight grandchildren! In addition, I have served in youth ministry and taught women's Bible Study for over 30 years.

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